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Avant introduces Ouver Veiw

News Date: 
Sat, 2014-02-01
AVANT is pleased to announce the launch of Ouver View, the newest addition to the Nouve Collection.  The first architect folders are being shipped this week and additional allocations early next week.  
Ouver View continues the Urban Inspiration theme of the Nouve Collection, the perspective remains from above any metropolitan area, but where Neo focuses on the streets and traffic at dusk, Ouver View is our vision of the city. Streets, alleyways and walkways appear from around buildings, you get sense of different heights of structures and even notice the possibilities of open spaces within the city.  As with any city landscape, the geometry is not exact, streets sometimes do not align and you may even find some dead ends.  All of these features and textures bring a bolder sophistication which works both in open areas and smaller work spaces too.